Loom Bands Dress Attracts EBay Bid Of £156,000

A dress created entirely from Loom Bands has attracted bids of over £150,000 on auction site eBay.

Helen Wright, a single mum from Prestatyn, got the idea for the unusual frock from her 12-year-old daughter Sian, who is obsessed with making creative designs with the colourful rubber bands, which have become the latest playground craze.

She asked her talented friend Katherine, who was ill and in search of something to keep her occupied, if she could have a go at making a dress to fit Sian from her beloved loom bands. Using one of Sian's dresses as a model, Katherine set to work on creating a loom band replica.

Several weeks, 45 hours of work and 20,000 loom bands later, the multi-coloured work of art was ready to wear.

Total cost? £47, for the 47 packets of loom bands needed to complete the rainbow loom band masterpiece.


Helen and Sian were so impressed with the final result they suggested putting it up for sale on eBay, in the hopes that it might attract the attention of a loom band fan and make them a little pocket money for their efforts.

As Helen explains, the trio didn't exactly have vast riches in mind when they decided to sell their creation online.

"We thought we'd stick it on eBay as a bonus for £50," she told ITV. "And thought if it went over the 50 pounds we might have a day out."

What happened next went beyond their wildest ambitions. Within hours, dozens of bids began rolling in, with loom band fans offering over £100,000 for the dress - modelled by Sian - as bidding snowballed out of control.

As of today, the technicolour dress has received 128 bids. Helen was, understandably, flabbergasted when she checked the site and saw that bids had exceeded £100,000. "We thought it was a joke," she said.

The craziest part? There are still four days left to go before the auction ends. So if you've got a better offer to make, feel free to throw your hat into the ring and join the bidding war.

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