14/08/2014 16:58 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Luisa Zissman Slams Twitter Critics: 'Stop Judging Me'

Jon Furniss Photography/Invision/AP
Luisa Zissman slams Twitter critics

First Kim Kardashian branded her critics 'ignorant', then Lily Allen politely responded to 'nasty messages' about her children, and now Luisa Zissman has reached the end of her tether with people criticising her parenting skills on Twitter.

True to form, the outspoken reality TV star didn't hold back when confronting her detractors, calling them 'utter c***s' - although perhaps her use of asterisks hints at the fact that despite her potty mouth, even Luisa thought better of typing the controversial swear word.

As anyone who watched Luisa on The Apprentice or Celebrity Big Brother will know, she's not one to shy away from an argument, and when she started to receive complaints about her use of foul language, she was quick to defend herself, tweeting:


I won't say sorry for my language I actually really like swearing.


When one commentator, perhaps misjudging the situation, decided to take a swipe at both Luisa's choice language and her parenting skills, Luisa's response was predictably withering. When asked whether she would like her three-year-old daughter Dixie to use 'the c word.' Luisa responded:


'Err obvs fine with it.'


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