14/08/2014 12:35 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Made In Chelsea Is Back! Five Things You'd Like To See In Series Six

Made In Chelsea is officially back on our telly boxes. *Screams*. And while it promises to bring a whole lot of drama (as always) and there are four new faces to gawp at, there's a few things you'd really love to see happen in series six. Even if you don't know it yet! And here they are...

made in chelsea series six

1. Hugo's homecoming
MIC hasn't really been the same since good ol' boy Hugo Taylor said sayonara to the royal borough. Wouldn't it be totes marve (that's Chelsea for good) if he returned and forced his castmates to partake in a little jungle-themed fun. There'd be bush tucker trials down the King's Road and maybe even Ant and Dec would crop up. IMAGINE.

2. Spencer gets a desk job
Sure, Spenny's got a book out and all that, but isn't it time he got a real job? We're sure he'd make a great insurance salesman, or perhaps he'd excel in IT.

Whatever the career, we think we could deal with watching him tackle the morning commute, mull over which Gregg's pastry he fancies for lunch and spend a few hours getting to know the dodgy photocopier. Also, he's just the type to have an ill-advised, dramatic office affair. Joy.

3. Rosie speaks more
Ms Fortescue is like the MIC version of Tracy from EastEnders - she says NOTHING. Remember when she used to be all scandalous and having it off with Hugo behind Millie's back? So this series, let's have her speak up a little... Maybe she has something interesting to say.

Made In Chelsea Is Back! Five Things You'd Like To See In Series Six

4. More of Francis, in general
Francis Boulle is the most underrated Made In Chelsea cast member by a Home County mile. Let's see more of him. End of.

5. Proudlock's top knot becomes famous
If you haven't seen the series six trailer (you should watch it now!) then you'll have NO idea what we're yabbering on about, but all you need to know is... Proudlock has a top knot.

Yup. It's just there a top his head, minding its own business. By the end of this season we want to see the ball off hair with its own Twitter account and attending red carpet events without its owner.

While we sit here and ponder why we aren't writers for the E4 show, here's hoping this series turns out to be the most epic ever.