14/08/2014 16:42 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Made In Chelsea: Three Things To Expect From Series Seven

Series seven (yes, there have been that many episodes) of Made in Chelsea premiered on E4 on Monday night. The relationship troubles and friendship wars have picked up where they left off just months after Jamie Laing attempted to woo Lucy Watson in a horse-drawn carriage.

So - what can we expect from the MiC crowd this series? The first episode told us a few things...

1. It's bad news for Binky and Alex
After much debate over when Alex was actually going to drop the L word, rumours about him sleeping with another girl emerged. Er, what?! Yep, Alex Mytton, last year's MiC newbie, may or may not have cheated on Binky and we can see this storyline going on for a while. Hate to say we told you so but Team MyDaily had an inkling he was trouble. (Alex played away during his three-year relationship with his ex Phoebe.)

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2. Jamie promises to grow up (but will he?)
Lucy revealed that Jaime ditched her for various other girls just a week after she declared her love for him. Ouch. The episode ended with Jaime knocking on Lucy's door to tell her he realised he'd been an idiot. He also told her it was time he grew up. Obviously, Lucy was having none of it (although we don't believe this on-off love story is actually over) but the more pressing question is, will Jaime actually learn from his mistakes in series seven? Or is he going to rely on his killer "chat" to get his way with girls?

3. The parties are better than ever
Sophie and Victoria (the ones who called Cheska a "fat turkey" at the end of series six) threw a bizarre, Through The Looking Glass-inspired birthday bash, which was also the perfect place for Alex to finally say the L word to Binky. However, let's also take a moment to notice that when it comes to MiC parties, the standard has been raised. The costumes (Mark Francis was in his element), the endless supply of pink drinks... it looked like a blast. And that was only episode one. We're hoping for plenty more party scenes like this throughout the series. Preferably with a lot more crazy face paint.

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