Magic Wand Stuck In Fairy Girl's Teeth!

A four-year-old girl got more than she wished for when she pretended to be a fairy - she got a magic wand stuck in her front teeth!

Isabelle Holmes was playing at home in Lincoln when the pink wand became stuck.

Her mum Claire, 38, tried to remove it but a metal spring had become stuck between Isabelle's two bottom front teeth.

In desperation, the mother-of-three summoned a wizard - in the form of neighbour Paul Harding-Hubbard, a paramedic who was about to leave for his night shift.

Paul called round to the house in full uniform and used a magic pair of pliers - and some deft twisting and turning - to remove the wand, as Isabelle's mum took photos with a plan to embarrass her daughter when she turns 18!

Claire told her local paper: "I don't know where Isabelle got the wand from or why she did it - it's just one of those things kids do.

"Maybe she wanted to be the tooth fairy. We'd just got in from dropping my older daughter off at Brownies and I was rushing around just being a mum - putting the dinner on and sorting some washing.

"Isabelle was upstairs in the bathroom and when I went in she had the wand in her mouth.

"Fortunately she wasn't in any pain - she even seemed quite proud of what she'd managed to do!"

She added: "Paul turned up in his green paramedic gear, which was good as it calmed Isabelle down. She was even slightly excited she was getting to see a medical professional for what she'd done.

"It took 20 minutes for him to finally get it out using tweezers and pliers. Because they are still her baby teeth, Paul thought she might lose one, but the tooth stayed in."

The family knew to call the paramedic because he'd helped them six months ago, when accident-prone Isabelle ended up in A&E with a tic-tac stuck up her nose.

Claire said: "Isabelle was a frothy, minty mess."