14/08/2014 12:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Making Story Stones

How to make story stones

I recently saw some Story Stones on Pinterest and loved how cute they looked as well as how they encourage story telling and writing.

One wet weekend came, we had cancelled a camping trip so Snaffles was grumpy and Munchie had a sick bug. These seemed like a nice simple project for me to do with Snaffles whilst Munchie had some sleepy daddy cuddles.

The link I had pinned used cut out pictures from magazines. I am too tight and lazy to go out and buy magazines so I decided that we would draw our own pictures.

We had some decorative stones which cost us around £1.00 for a bag full. You could also go on a pebble hunt in the park/forest/beach.

To help make sure our pictures would fit on our stones we drew around the stones first.

Then Snaffles decided what pictures he wanted to draw (with a bit of vetting from me due to my lack of drawing skills) and we managed to agree on lots of things that he wanted and which I also felt able to attempt to draw.

I drew the pictures inside the templates of the stones.

Snaffles then had fun colouring them all in. It was a very serious task with lots of concentrating.

We then cut the pictures out and Snaffles used PVA glue to stick them to the stones and another layer on top of the picture to make sure they were definitely stuck.

We love them. The only issue we had in drawing our own pictures rather than using a magazine was that the glue caused some of the colours to run a little. Although it does add to the homemade look of them.

The stones can be used for verbal stories or at the minute Snaffles likes to choose a few stones and write a little story using them as prompts.

We love these so much that I plan to make a little drawstring pouch to keep them in.

I can see us making more of there. I think they would make great teachers gifts for the end of the term and a fun activity to occupy next weeks half term. Why not go on a pebble hunt one day?

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