14/08/2014 12:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Marmite Cake: The Latest Food Fad, But Would You Try It?

Marmite - the only food product with the power to divide opinion so ferociously it could probably start a war or stand as grounds for a divorce - is now available in cupcake form.

Luxury cake brand Lola's Cupcakes has teamed up with the yeast paste manufacturers to create a sweet snack which will either be your idea of food heaven or food hell.

The cakes - made up of a chocolate sponge, salted Marmite caramel centre and topped with rich Marmite buttercream plus a chocolate ganache - will set you back the best part of a fiver and are available to buy from Lola's bakeries across London for the next four weeks.

But what possessed this cupcake brand, known for its decadently delicious offerings, to make a cake which half the population are likely to hate?

Asher Budwig, managing director of Lola's Cupcakes, said: "Marmite's saltiness complements the caramel extremely well, but the centre will either be a shock or a pleasure depending on where your Marmite sensibilities lie!"

While that still doesn't quite answer our question, we've got to hand it to these guys for coming up with a product that'll get people talking... Even if they don't want to eat it!

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The Marmite caramel cupcakes are currently stocked in Lola's stores in Selfridges, Topshop Oxford Circus, Covent Garden, Brent Cross, Bluewater, King's Cross Station and at the chain's flagship store in Mayfair.

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