14/08/2014 16:31 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Meet Anthony Weiner (He's A TOTAL Idiot)

Women of the internet, beware Anthony Weiner! You've never heard of him? There's a good chance he may become New York's next Mayor!

Which is weird because he LOVES sending pictures of his penis to women who aren't his awesome wife.

Okay, here's a brief history.

- Anthony Weiner was a New York politician until 2011, when he tweeted a picture of his boner to a female follower.

- Said female follower was not his kick-ass wife Huma Abedin who, by the way, was pregnant at the time. And by the way, part two, she's also is Hilary Clinton's deputy chief of staff. She's kinda a big deal.

- He quit politics in 2011 after the scandal and he and Abedin now have a son together.

- Then, this year he was like, "I'm going to run as a candidate for Mayor of New York!" And, it looked like he might actually win...

-...but then it turns out he's STILL clogging up women's inboxes/social media with pictures of his weiner (sorry)!

- Here's the best bit: using the alias "Carlos Danger" *screams at the audacity, falls over* he sent lewd pictures and seriously dirrrrty messages to a 22-year-old woman on Formspring. Then when he got caught yesterday, he was all "I'm over this behaviour, promise!" Yeah right, Weiner. Uh.

Conclusion: women on the internet, beware this man.
Conclusion part two: Huma Abedin's too awesome for this BS.