14/08/2014 16:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Meet The Guy Who Gave A Girl The Clap As Payback For Wronging His Friend (Yep, These Men Do Exist)

Have you heard of No? Let us enlighten you to its gross mystique. It's a news site for men (or should that be bros?) which refers to vaginas as queef pouches.

Its most recent articles include: "Hot Girl Plays Real Life 'Grand Theft Auto' in Lingerie", "Florida Man Fucks Dog" and "Beyoncé In Lingerie? YES PLEASE...".

BroBible run a little feature called "Ask A Bro" where bros can send in their life problems to a staff bro who will then endeavour to solve them. Like AskJeeves except for f**k heads. Read this:

Wow! Here's what we've taken from this grim, grim, grim admission:

a) STDs can and will be used as weapons *screams, hides*.

b) Only total morons admit to being this level of messed up on the internet.

c) Does no one practice safe sex anymore? Call us a bunch of prudes but we're massive advocates of the condom... Especially when conducting intercourse with a "stripper/hooker or whatever they call themselves". Also, if said girl was a stripper/hooker, did this guy pay to give her the clap? Sorry, new level of weird.

d) This guy is full of it. While he claims to have taken on a nobel quest in order to right a wrong once done onto his pal, we're 98% sure he just got the clap, didn't realise it and then accidentally passed it on.

e) If it really is bros before hoes, what the heck was this dude doing creepin' with a buddy's former flame? Something to think about, eh?

Conclusion, is terrifying.