14/08/2014 12:41 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Meet The Guy Who Recycles Condoms By Washing Them Out With Vinegar (True Story)

It's been a while since we visited AKA the news site for men (or should that be bros?) which refers to vaginas as "queef pouches" and gives advices to bros who intentionally give girls the clap.

Lovely, we know. The latest bro to ask another perhaps slightly more enlightened bro for his advice admitted to using a condom, washing it out with vinegar and then using it again. F*cking gross. "Is that okay?" he queries. Read below for more:


Read this:


While the resident agony uncle simply replies: "Reusing condoms is no way to go through life," we can't actually get over the fact some dude, somewhere, actually thinks this is acceptable behaviour and hope to God we never, ever come across said individual.

Here's our response:

Dear dirty bro,

Never EVER reuse condoms, you filthy rotten scoundrel. It's just effin' wrong. We can only imagine what sort of cost-cutting monster you are. Also, considering condoms aren't particularly expensive - AND you can get them for free at any clinic - there's no excuse for this kind of nasty behaviour.

Deepest concerns,


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