14/08/2014 16:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Meet The 'Pintester' Who Promises NOT To Post About Her Perfect Life On Social Media

Ever tried to make a version of "cake in a mug" because you saw it on Pinterest? Did you fail miserably and sadly put away your phone to stop yourself from sharing it with the world?

You're not alone. Sonja Foust has failed her Pinterest projects so many times, she decided to set up a site dedicated to it.

Known as the 'Pintester', Sonja shares pictures and YouTube videos inspired by Pinterest's DIY pins, from baking to nail art.

Here's her attempt at making an 'ice cream cone cornucopia'.


Other recent posts include a Nicole Richie hair how to, a lesson in re-creating olive penguins and a tutorial in Halloween makeup, all of which have predictably disastrous (but unintentionally hilarious) results.

Below, you can see her try to recreate "Pumkintini and Jack-o-latern nails": great on Pinterest, awful in real life.


All Sonja's videos are delivered with dry humour, wit and more often than not, wine. Also when she's not highlighting the impossibility of Pinterest-perfect, Sonja is also an author.

Her original Pinterest account is now filled with marketing tips for bloggers and writers, aptly titled "Authory Stuff".

Sounds like Sonja is our type of woman. She's funny, she's driven and of course, she loves a good glass of wine. So, the next time you fail at your mug-in-a-cup, pin it anyway. You can rest assured at least Sonja and her band of realist followers will appreciate your hard work.

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By Rhiannon Davies

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