Meet The World's Strongest Boys (Video)

They call them The Hercules Brothers: boys aged nine and seven who have bigger muscles than most grown men, created by a gruelling regime lifting weights for two hours a day.

Romanian brothers Giuliano Stroe, nine, and seven-year-old Claudiu are training to be the world's strongest boys.

They come from a family of body builders who are determined to be famous because they see it as the only way to make a living in the world.

The mini muscle 'men' have been performing acrobatic feats and lifting weights since they were toddlers.

Giuliano has already broken two world records for 90-degree vertical push-ups and another for holding on to a pole like a human flag.

Younger brother Claudiu is already performing handstand push-ups on a bar and learning the same gravity-defying flag trick.

Dad Iulian, 35, insists their regime is borne of desperation after the family fell on hard times in their home country.

They moved to Florence, Italy, to perform in front of audiences, but it didn't work out and they are now back in Romania, where they make a living from scrap metal trading in the village of Icoana.

Iulian plans to bring the family's novel weightlifting act to a new international audience.

Both Iulian and his wife Ileana have defended their training regime for their boys.

Ileana said: "They have a natural ability for this, nothing is forced, it is what God intended for them. My husband will go abroad to earn money, as a builder or labourer, and we will use it all for our sons."