14/08/2014 16:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Megan Draper's Hair In Mad Men: A Closer Look At Her Changing Styles

As Mad Men's seventh series draws to a close, there's one niggling question that really needs to be answered: what has Megan Draper's schizophrenic hair been all about?

It's not that she's looked awful - her brunette locks are never anything but groomed, glossy and gorgeous. It's more the issue of her constantly changing hairstyles. One moment, her tresses are long. The next, she's cuddling up to Don with a super sleek crop. Honestly, it's a continuity nightmare.

In fact, Draper's hair changed not once but three times in recent episode, "The Strategy", and it's the varying length that has really perplexed me.


Of course, Megan - played by the beautiful Jessica Pare - looks amazing in every single scene (it could even be said she's replaced blonde bombshell Betty Draper as the show's beauty icon) and her numerous looks are obviously the result of some very clever handiwork and extensions.

But this only leads to more probing. Were wigs are involved? Also, who on earth has time to style their hair differently three times in a day? Megan found the time to fly from New York to Los Angeles in-between her hectic hair schedule too. Don't get me wrong - I can suspend disbelief for good television, but this pushes the realms of fantasy just a tad too far.

And how can we possibly identify which style is Megan's real cut (a bizarre, yet strangely pressing issue)?


We'd like to thing it's this one - the ultimate Sixties bouffant that instantly makes back-combing and hair rollers look like a good idea.


So did the Mad Men producers think we wouldn't notice the not-so-subtle shift in hairstyles? Or is it all supposed to be part of Megan Draper's appeal - that she can adapt her look to suit any moment, from a cross-country flight to a threesome with her best friend and her husband?

It will remain a secret of the last-ever series - the great mystery of Megan's hair. If you can solve it, tweet us @MyDailyUK.

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