14/08/2014 16:43 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Men Wear The Same Underwear For Up To Seven Years

British men wear the same underwear for an average of seven years a new study has claimed. While it certainly isn't breaking news that many men occasionally need a hand when it comes to their wardrobe, we're totally grossed out that they hang on to their smalls for almost a decade!

The next time you think about sleeping in your boyfriend's comfy boxers, you might want to ask him whether he can remember when he bought them?

"I know I have a tendency to have underwear that still has holes in it," one man admitted to KPNX, with another saying: "I think it's more of a pain to go and shop for them, unless they are shopped for for us."

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So, does this mean the only way a man will wear new undies is if his mum/gran/girlfriend/wife/sister buys them for him?

"I don't think men care about their underwear and looking sexy in their underwear... It's not important to them," one woman shopper told the news website.

Girls, it's about time we stopped putting pants in his Christmas stocking because clearly he needs to grow up and learn how to navigate the Marks and Sparks underwear section on his own.

We apologise in advance, but if your other half is still wearing Y-fronts from pre-2007 then you need to throw his sorry ass out.

These men clearly care about how they look in their pants:
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