Michael Gove: Education Secretary's Children Aware Of 'Hate'

Michael Gove's wife says she has considered sending her children to live abroad because of the 'hate' hurled at their dad.

The Education Secretary's wife, Sarah Vine said their children Beatrice, 11, and William, nine, are suffering emotional damage because their father is so vilified over his policies.

The columnist described an incident in which their daughter spotted one of her own teachers on television holding up a 'Michael Gove out' placard while taking part in a strike.

The mum said: "They've just got to the age where they understand what he [Mr Gove] does and they understand that people hate him because people will say things to them in the playground.

"One of Beatrice's own teachers went on strike and then she said that she saw him on Newsround holding a 'Michael Gove out' banner, which I think is quite a strange experience for a small child. I don't know how it's going to affect them at all.

"Part of me wants to put them on a plane to go and live with my mother in Italy, but part of me thinks it will make them tougher.

"They are not shrinking violets – it's not as though they're delicate flowers – they are quite sturdy creatures, but I do think at some point there is going to be pay back."

Ms Vine admitted 'the one thing that really upsets me' is the abuse directed at her husband, whose policies have angered many teachers.

Ms Vine opened up about life as a government minister's wife during a talk at a fundraising lunch at Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue, north London.