14/08/2014 16:58 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Michael Gove Pincushion On Sale For £25


He describes himself as 'Marmite', and if you're in the Michael Gove 'hate' camp we have found something that might be right up your street.

Etsy is selling this little number - a voodoo pincushion of the Education Secretary who is dividing opinion with his plans for education reform.

Yes, for the small price of £25, you can take all your rage out on a knitted version of Gove, which is being sold online with the strap line: "Do you want to stick pins into Michael Gove? Well now you can! Declare war on terrible politicians from the comfort of your home!"

The doll is made by Crochet Emporium 'Snorkers Imaginarium', which sells an extensive range of items - including a crochet Despicable Me minion!

Earlier this week, Michael Gove announced his plans to 'break down the Berlin Wall between state and private schools' with sweeping reforms to the education system. Addressing the London Academy of Excellence, he said: "My ambition for our education system is simple - when you visit a school in England standards are so high all round that you should not be able to tell whether it's in the state sector or a fee paying independent."

Parents, teachers and opposition politicians quickly condemned Gove's schools reforms - which include longer school days, tougher tests and shorter holidays - as being 'out of touch with reality' and of 'undermining school standards'.