14/08/2014 12:58 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Michelle Heaton Thinks Son's Birth Will Be Early

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Michelle Heaton and Hugh Hanley expect son to be born soon - before scheduled Caesarean

Michelle Heaton's due date may still be a two weeks away, but The Big Reunion star suspects her son will be born earlier.

"He's really pressing down now and I have a feeling he might come before my C-section date," the 34-year-old revealed in her OK! magazine column.

Michelle, who is 38 weeks pregnant, admitted this could be 'wishful thinking' on her part, but if her suspicions are right, it could scupper her plans to appear on stage with her Liberty X bandmates at The Big Reunion concert in Hammersmith on Friday.

Michelle had a C-section to deliver her first child, Faith, in 2011, as she suffers from an irregular heartbeat. She will be delivering her second baby the same way and has been quick to respond to criticisms that she's 'too posh to posh.'

" please don't think bad of me, I'm certainly not too posh to push! If I had an option I would go natural/active everytime...," she Tweeted. "Recovery after a c-section is far from desirable trust me.. Anyway.. #endofjustifyingmyself"

Michelle, who is married to personal trainer Hugh Hanley, also posted Tweets which make it clear that she's looking forward to the end of her pregnancy:

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