14/08/2014 16:36 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mid-Life (Style) Crisis? Jennifer Aniston Gets A Top-Ear Piercing To Go With New Bob Haircut

Jennifer Aniston just unveiled her new sheared bob hairdo to the world - and it's not the only stye change-up she's having.

Just a few days before she went for the chop, Jen and her makeup artist pal Gucci Westman got matching piercings at the top of their ears.

They both showed off their new additions in a cute pic that Gucci uploaded to her Instagram page.

She wrote: "Me and #jenniferaniston got our ears pierced today!!! #memories @mrchrismcmillan #loveyou."

Jen recently admitted that her new hairstyle was inspired by Vogue stylist Lawren Howell's new 'do, which was cut in by Jen's hairdresser Chris Mcmillan.

She'd been looking for inspiration after a hair treatment left her locks feeling under the weather. She told Elle UK: 'It wasn't for a role. My hair went through a phase. I did this thing called a Brazilian and my hair did not react really well to it."

And she told Vogue magazine: "I'm always one of those girls who does a big old chop just to get it really healthy, to repair all the [damage from] hair colouring and stuff like that. And I just got bored, honestly. It's fun to change it up once in awhile."

But she hinted to Elle that she's already missing her famous mane: "The minute I cut my hair I want it back. Always. It's a guarantee. I'm trying really hard to love this one."

Aww. We hope you enjoy your new rock chick phase, Jen.