14/08/2014 16:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Miley Cyrus' VMAs Performance: What Makes This So Bad?

The standout performance of the MTV VMAs 2013? Miley Cyrus'. And Kanye West thought he'd get all the attention from singing in the dark! Sorry Yeezy, but your weirdness this year was NOTHING compared to Miley's.

Here's the thing though, a lot of people are talking about this particular performance as though it's the worst thing ever - celebrities and media are bandwagoning the hell out of it.

Mashable has called the performance "childhood-ruining" (wow), Brooke Shields (who played Miley's mum on Hannah Montana) branded it "desperate" and even bloody Robin Thicke - who performed with her - is said to regret asking her to sing with him.

But, come on! Stuff ALWAYS happens at the VMAs. Remember when Britney charmed that big snake? Remember when Britney (again), Madonna and Christina Aguilera snogged? What about when Christina (again) did all that diiirrrtty grinding on Dave Navarro?

Stars continually use this event to obliterate goody-goody images. So what has made Miley's VMAs rebellion such a big deal*? Three things:

1. The nude bikini accessorised by foam finger. So naked-looking, so bondage-ish, so confusing.

2. She grinded up/ twerked on Robin Thicke who was a) dressed like Beetlejuice b) singing that weird rape-y song 'Blurred Lines' and c) 36 in comparison to Miley's 20. It just feels like a weird match, no?

3. The permanently stuck out tongue. It's just worrying, you know?

*We still don't think it's such a big deal. Miley rocks, okay?

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