Minecraft Lessons For Kids At Swedish School

Minecraft Lessons For Kids At Swedish School

Minecraft, the building game that has legions of young fans glued to their screens constructing their own cities and worlds, has got the educational seal of approval from a Swedish school.

The Viktor Rydberg school in Stockholm is putting Minecraft on the curriculum and making it compulsory for its 13-year-old students.

"They learn about city planning, environmental issues, getting things done, and even how to plan for the future," Viktor Rydberg teacher Monica Ekman told The Local, adding that it is not 'any different from arts or woodcraft'.

Although admitting that some mums and dads were initially dubious about the game being given space on the school's timetable, Ms Ekman says it has ultimately gone down well.

"It's been a great success and we'll definitely do it again," she said.

The game has built up a huge following since being created by Markus Persson in 2011.

Wow! How would you feel if your children's school made computer games compulsory?