14/08/2014 12:54 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Miracle Escape: Toddler's Buggy Crushed Against Wall By Car

Miracle escape for toddler after car crushed buggy against wall

Shocking images show how close a toddler came to being killed when the buggy he was strapped into was crushed against a wall in a car crash.

It was a 'miracle' the toddler survived following the collision between two vehicles in Gravesend, Kent.

A mother watched in horror as the out-of-control vehicle ricocheted in the direction of the pushchair, sandwiching it against a wall.

Another child and his buggy were thrown over a garden wall in the same incident, which was captured on his mobile phone by Tory MP for Gravesham, Adam Holloway.

"It was a miracle. If the car had come a few centimetres further the child would have died," he said.

"I heard unhappy sounds and rushed over and a car had crashed into a buggy and it was squeezed into a wall.

"It was just at the junction and one car had just smashed into another, I guess they just didn't see the other person coming.

Miracle escape for toddler after car crushed buggy against wall

"The child was lifted out by a guy – the kid seemed fine but the parents were obviously upset."

Local resident Justin Cunningham added: "It looked horrific. One of the cars was up on the pavement and the buggy was crushed.

"We were scared the child was still in there but someone said it looked worse than it was.

"It was very emotional, very highly charged."

Paramedics treated two children and an adult at the scene before they were taken to hospital with minor injuries.