14/08/2014 12:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Miranda Kerr On Why Positive Thinking Is The Key To Happiness

Miranda Kerr is the cover star of Net-a-Porter's weekly magazine The Edit and aside from looking stunning in every single photo, the 31-year-old Australian supermodel opens up about her career, her relationships and the secret to being happy.

She may be well practised on the runway scene (and a former Victoria's Secret Angel) but Kerr's glossy-gorgeous zest for life comes from eating organically, studying nutrition and launching her own skincare line, Kora Organics.

"From my first photoshoot at 14, I never saw myself as a model. If someone asks me what I do, I say, 'I have my own skincare line.' I don't define myself as a model."

Kerr explains that her approach is very hands on. "I'm very driven. I don't ever feel stressed; I feel calm when I'm multi-tasking.

"I'm heart-centered. I always look for the best in every situation, no matter what it is. Even if it's something that's sad, upsetting or disappointing at the time, I think, 'There's a reason for this.'"

Despite having split with Orlando Bloom last year, Kerr has a positive outlook and she's all about those off-duty days with her son Flynn.

"I've realised it's important to sit with it and let it pass, and if it doesn't pass, choose a thought that will help it pass. Focus on what it is that you're grateful for. Having perspective is key."

Miranda's family are her biggest supporters, and yes, she's a daddy's girl through and through.

"My dad said to me when I was young, 'Don't sweat the small stuff'. All of it – the good stuff, the bad stuff, the positive stuff, the negative stuff – makes you who you are and it's good to embrace all of it.

"Don't feel resistant to any of it, because it's all part of a journey. And the journey is the fun part."

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