Miriam Clegg: 'Dads Who Look After Their Children Have More Cojones*'

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's wife Miriam has launched a ferocious defence of dads who look after their kids, saying they have 'more cojones' (look it up!) than 'dinosaurs' who don't.

Miriam Clegg interrupted her husband at a press conference to ask the Deputy Prime Minister to take a public stand for men who look after their kids.

Taking the microphone at the launch of Cityfathers, she demanded that 'modern working fathers' announce 'loudly and proudly' that taking responsibility for your own children does not 'affect your level of testosterone'.

Mr Clegg replied: "Of course I agree with you, Miriam".

He added: "I am assuming I don't have to translate cojones – or cojos as it's sometimes known."

Mrs Clegg's interjection came as the Deputy Prime Minister made a speech in which he attacked 'old fashioned' bosses who 'raise an eyebrow' when men ask for time off to look after their children.

Championing new rules on parental leave that will attempt to break down the 'Edwardian' attitude that still prevails in the work place, the Deputy Prime Minister insisted fathers should no longer see themselves as breadwinners instead of carers.

Mrs Clegg decided to take the opportunity to 'terrify' her husband live on camera.

She said: "There is an issue of attitudes. There are many, many dinosaurs, not here but out there, that still think that a man who takes care of his own children is some kind of less of a man.

"So if you and other modern working fathers start saying not only loudly, but also proudly, that taking care of your own children and being responsible for those children that does not affect your level of testosterone - and those men who actually treat women as equals are the ones with more cojones."

The Deputy Prime Minister, after expressing his relief that he did not have to translate 'cojones', said he 'massively agreed' with his wife.

He said: "The idea that it is not manly to care is as absurd to say that it is not womanly to work.

"Just turn it on its head. It is an absurd proposition that it is somehow not befitting of a woman to work - I find it equally ridiculous that it is somehow not befitting of being a man to want to care."

Mr Clegg told the group of working parents that he and Miriam had shared the responsibilities of parental leave after the birth of their three sons Antonio, Alberto and Miguel.

His wife, who is thought to earn a salary of around £500,000 as a lawyer for international legal firm Dechert, was shouldered with more of the responsibility when their third son was born as it was 'much, much harder' once he had become leader of the Liberal Democrats, Mr Clegg said.