14/08/2014 16:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Missing Baby's Body Found In Container In River

Missing baby's body found in container in New York river

The body of a missing baby boy has been found in a container in a New York river.

Levon Wameling, who was 10 months old, disappeared in June. It has just been revealed that his remains were found in the river on September 6, after a tip-off from a member of the public.

The child's father, Jevon Wameling, reported the baby missing a staggering two weeks after he was allegedly snatched from his porch. He told his parents the baby had been taken while he was distracted, having been locked out of his house. Jevon had custody of the little boy while his mother, Amy Warnley, was in a drug rehabilitation centre.

No cause of death has yet been established, but the Mail reports that the authorities confirmed on Saturday that the remains, which were found in the Mohawk River, were Levon's.

Speaking to CNN, Sergeant Steve Hauck said the police were determined to get to the bottom of the baby's death.

"The Utica Police continue to investigate this case, with the hope that the truth will be learned and the person(s) responsible are held accountable," he said.

It is not clear whether Levon's father was involved in the tip off to the police, but Sergeant Hauck said they'd had questions about the man's involvement from the start.

Police said Wameling only came to them saying the baby was missing after Levon's mum asked where he was.

At the time, Utica Chief Mark Williams told the media they had a 'problem' with what Wameling was telling them.

"Here's a guy that waited two weeks to come forward. He doesn't bring it forward to the police, but brings it forward to his parents," Mark Williams said. "Instead he goes to an attorney's office. I think actions speak louder than words."

Levon's mother, Amy Warney, had pleaded for help finding her son back in June, telling a news conference that she needed to know whether he was dead or alive.

Last month, Wameling was arrested on suspicion of breaking into a home in a suburb of Utica to steal jewelery and money.

Police said they are now treating Wameling as a 'person of interest' in the case.