14/08/2014 12:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Missing Ben Needham's Mum Calls For DNA Test On Blonde Man

Missing Ben Needham's mum calls for DNA test on blonde gypsy man

The mum of missing Ben Needham is fighting to get a DNA test to determine if a gypsy in Greece is her son or not.

The Mirror reports that the fair-haired man, who lives in northern Greece, was identified by two sources after Ben's mum made an emotional appeal on Greek TV last December.

Kerry Needham, 41, said she has kept silent for five months after the man's details were passed to Greek detectives by South Yorkshire police force.

But now the mum has decided to speak out because she is still waiting for them to carry out the DNA test.

She is backed by her MP, Labour's Angela Smith, who said she is going to raise the issue with the Foreign Office.

The mum has been searching for her son since he disappeared from the Greek island of Kos in 1991, aged just 21 months. He has not been seen since.

She made her appeal to the Greek public on the popular 'Light In The Tunnel' show, a three-hour live programme which is watched by millions and specialises in finding missing people.

A woman who rang in told one of the journalists manning the phones the name of a man.

She claimed she was told this man was Ben Needham and gave his address in northern Greece.

A month later Kerry made a follow-up trip to this area and was given the same name by another source. She asked local police for their help and was shown a photo of the man, but initially she was unconvinced.

Kerry said: "My first impression was that it wasn't him - the eyes were dark and it wasn't of brilliant quality. I sort of dismissed it straight away, so I put it to one side."

But while she was in the town, Kerry met a woman who said her relative knew this man who was customer of his.

Kerry said: "The information we received was quite strange and made us want to look into it a bit more."

The woman Kerry met told ITV's Calendar News: "My relative always told me that he knew someone, a young man, who is a customer at his work who is a gypsy - but he didn't look like one. His hair and skin are fair.

"So a few months ago he came to me and said his employer revealed to him that the young man is Ben."

Greek Police told ITV: "Ben's case remains open and is being headed by the prosecutor on Kos."