Mo Farah And Wife Tania Planning For Another Baby

Olympic champion Mo Farah and his wife Tania have revealed they want another baby – if the athlete can find time in his crowded running schedule!

In an interview in Fabulous magazine, the couple spoke about their pride at being parents to their three children and how they would like a larger family.

But they also revealed the stresses and strains of their hectic lifestyle which involves weeks of being apart from each other. Mo, 31, and Tania, 28, have three girls, Rhianna, eight (Tania's daughter from a previous relationship), and twins Amani and Aisha, 20 months.

Tania, of course, became famous in her own right when she joined Mo on the track to give him a celebratory kiss after his 10,000m win while she was heavily pregnant with twins.

The couple, who married in 2010, how live in Portland, Oregon, so Mo can train hard with his American coach. But he is often abroad training at a high-altitude centre in Kenya for three months at a time.

However, Tania said: "I know it's all going to be worth it."

She added: "(Moving to the States) was a big sacrifice and the difficulty was adapting to a new country with Mo often going away for three months on end.

"In England, I had family and friends and was in a familiar environment, but over there I was on my own with the kids I felt lost.

"But now I'm heavily involved in The Mo Farah Foundation and I bury myself in the kids for distraction. If there's not a lot going on, I think too much and miss him more."

Speaking about his time away from home, Mo said: "I do feel homesick. As a parent, of course I'm going to miss my family. Normally, Tania sends me photos of the kids on WhatsApp, which boosts me.

"Although the internet is so poor in Kenya, I've only managed to Skype them twice. But it's what I have to do in my sport if I want to be the best. There are sacrifices."

Turning to the subject of his children, Mo said: "Right now, they understand a lot, particularly Amani. When she sees me she thinks I'm going to go away, so she's always holding on to me."

Tania added: "She's grasped the idea that Dad's not always around. He's a solid memory for them now. Rhianna, though, is conditioned to him being away."

And when asked if the couple were planning to have more children, Tania replied: "We've not set a deadline, but we're ready. As soon as possible. But Mo needs to be home first. That'll help!"

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