14/08/2014 16:54 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

MP Posts Eight-Year-Old's Heart-Rending Letter Of Poverty On Twitter

An MP has posted on Twitter a heart-rending letter he received from an eight-year-old girl about her family's poverty.

The letter was given to Labour's Stephen Timms by the girl's parents when they attended his constituency surgery in East Ham, London.

She wrote: "Things are becoming more and more difficult."

Then she explained that her family have found it difficult to feed themselves and have been forced to take a lodger into their two-bedroom flat they rent.

"I am a hard working girl that wants to keep learning more and more, but due to the financial situation of my parents, I am unable to attend teaching and swimming lessons," she wrote.

Mr Timms was so moved by the letter, he posted it on his Twitter account, with the message: "Extraordinary letter from an eight year old, delivered to me by her parents at my surgery yesterday morning. -Stephen Timms"

As a result, he
warned of a growing number of people 'on the verge of destitution' owing to the government's bedroom tax, welfare reforms and immigration changes.

"This family is only surviving because of help from friends and handouts from the church. Her parents also brought their daughter's school reports to the constituency surgery, which showed she had all As," the shadow employment minister said.

"She's obviously a remarkable little girl facing a very tough time but who knows if she will even be here in a couple of years?"