Mum Banned From Playground After Fighting In Front Of Pupils

A Birmingham mum has been banned from her children's school after a playground brawl with another mother which had to be broken up by teachers.

Lucy Weir, 33, told the Daily Mail she had never before had any trouble with the law and that the incident was 'out of character'. She is now asking that the ban be lifted, calling it 'unfair' that she is still not allowed on school property, despite paying the fine imposed by a court last month.

In September last year, Weir became embroiled in a confrontation at the school gates with another mother, Saffron Williams.

"We were friends," Weir explained. "But then she started spreading rumours about me."


Weir says she asked Williams to stop gossiping behind her back and she responded by threatening to 'mash her face'.


"I thought she was serious so I pushed her," Weir told the Mail. The argument suddenly exploded into a full-scale punch-up, until teachers pulled the pair apart.

The violent scene unravelled in front of shocked pupils at Yenton Primary School, Birmingham, where two of Weir's four children attend. She has now been forced to transfer her six-year-old daughter to another school, while the older child remains at Yenton to take his SAT exams.

Neither woman was seriously hurt in the fight, but police charged the pair with public disorder. Williams failed to appear at the scheduled hearing, but Weir took the stand at Birmingham Magistrates' Court last month to apologise for her actions and was given a £215 fine and a conditional discharge.

Weir is now frustrated that the ban has not been lifted despite making written apologies to the city council families department and the school's headmaster.

"My behaviour was unacceptable," she admits, but adds: "I have never been in trouble ever before with the law and deeply regret my actions." The school has said it will be reviewing the ban.

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