14/08/2014 16:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum Battles With Russian Court To Have Sons Returned To UK

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A mum has been left 'devastated' after a court in Russia delayed a hearing which would decide whether her two young sons will be returned to her.

Rachael Neustadt is locked in a 'tug-of-love' battle with her ex-husband Ilya over their sons Daniel, seven, and Jonathan, five.

She says she never agreed to the boys moving to Moscow with their dad, and claims he is in breach of an order made by an English judge after they separated.

Rachael told Parentdish that her boys traveled with their father to visit his half-brother who lives in Moscow, and that llya had not lived in Russia for 20 years prior to the trip.

"He was living in London and had a full-time job at the time - quitting both work and tenancy only after he arrived in Moscow," she said. "Then after failing to bring the boys back as per our written agreement, he announced unilaterally that they all would live in Moscow from now on."

Numerous High Court judges have ordered Mr Neustadt to send the boys back, but according to Rachael's legal team at Dawson Cornwell he has not complied.

The Mirror reports that the mum-of-three was hoping the English High Court's 'return orders' would be enforced in Russia under the Hague Convention, but instead of making a ruling, the Russian court delayed proceedings to consider a document submitted by Ilya stating his reasons for keeping his sons.

Dawson Cornwell said these included his mother being happy to raise her grandchildren.

The law firm added that Mr Neustadt - who is a former lecturer at London Metropolitan University - said he is not a British national so is not under any obligation to comply with the High Court's order.

He further alleges that Daniel and Jonathan's move to Moscow was pre-planned and mutually agreed by both their parents.

Former-teacher Rachael denies this and says she has been left heartbroken at being separated from her children.

"I am devastated that there have been further delays, but am hopeful that the Russian courts will justly consider this matter and return the children back home soon," she said.

The case will be heard again later this month.

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