Mum Faces Eviction Because Her Micro Pig Is Now A 300lb Porker

It must have seemed like such a good idea at the time - buy a micro pig to be part of the family!

When mum of two Donna Davidson first bought Taz, he was no bigger than a little Jack Russell, weighing a tiny 7lb.

Four years later and Taz has ballooned to a hefty 300lb – and the family are facing eviction.

Because Taz is now classed as a farmyard animal (!) Donna has been told she has to give up her council house, unless she moves him out.

Donna - who seems to be hankering for her own menagerie in Leicestershire - also has two ferrets, two tortoises and three dogs, not to mention two sons (aged 20 and 21) at home.

She's been looking for a new home for her family and furry friends, but hasn't had any luck – private landlords are put off by her mini petting zoo, and she can't apply for a council house in a new area that she doesn't already live in.

"Looking for a new place to live for all of us is a nightmare, she said. "I've applied to every single council in Leicestershire and had no luck so now I'm searching further afield. I can't let him go.

"I don't look at him like an animal he's a part of the family. I treat him like he's one of my children. I'm an animal lover and I've got to keep us all together.There's not an animal on this planet that I don't like but I've loved pigs since I was a small child.

"He's got a baby's music box with colourful buttons and he presses them at night to get a song. If the music finishes before he's asleep, he pushes the buttons again. He absolutely loves music."

A council spokeswoman said: "We visited this tenant after a complaint about animals at the property and advised her that keeping farm animals is a breach of her tenancy agreement.

"We will revisit next week to assess the situation. Our focus is on encouraging this tenant to find a suitable home for the pig and we have not yet started eviction proceedings.

"We are trying to re-home the pig."

What a stinker.