Mum Has QUINTUPLETS One Year After Twins (And ALL Their Names Begin With 'D')

With four children to look after – including one-year-old twin boys - Evonne and Deon Derrico already had their hands full. But now they have got another FIVE to keep them occupied – after mum Evonne gave birth to quintuplets.

The couple, from Las Vegas, initially thought they would be having quadruplets but later discovered a fifth baby in the womb.

And last Friday, they welcomed three girls and two boys last Friday at the Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona.

"We are all doing great," Deon told the Las Vegas Sun. "Excited is an understatement."

The babies were born at 32 weeks and two days. Each was delivered between 11:17am and 11:21am on September 7.

In keeping with family tradition, the babies' names all start with the letter 'D.' Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician and Daiten each weigh less than three pounds and were being cared for in the neonatal intensive care unit.

They're joining an already-full house that included the Derricos' seven-year-old daughter, Dai, a three-year-old son, Deon, and one-year-old twin boys, Dallas and Denver.

The family of 11 will have to make some adjustments.

Cardon Children's Medical Center

"We have a vehicle for the family right now, but we don't have a vehicle for the five others," said Deon, who works as a field property manager.

They said they conceived the babies without fertility drugs. Evonne, 33, carried the babies for 32 weeks and two days, a month longer than the national average for quintuplets.

Cardon Children's Medical Center

The babies are expected to remain in hospital for several weeks, but the family plans to return to Las Vegas after they are discharged.