14/08/2014 16:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum Of Nine Killed Newborn Because She 'Had Too Many Kids'

Mum of nine killed newborn because she 'had too many kids'

A mother of nine children has admitted smothering her newborn baby daughter because she had 'too many kids'.
Nina Koistinen, 36, from Phoenix, Arizona, stands accused of killing six-day-old Maya by pinching her nose and putting her hand over her mouth.

The Daily Mail reports that she later told the police she had 'too many' children and was jealous of the attention her husband of 15 years lavished on them.

Mr Koistinen found the child unresponsive on April 8th, and rushed her to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Documents shown in court stated that 'possible signs of suffocation' were discovered on Maya during an autopsy, causing the police to look in to child protection service reports on the family.

The court heard that records showed that Mrs Koistinen had previously made statements about wanting to smother some of her children and about wanting her children to go to heaven in a vehicle accident that appeared intentional.

When officers interviewed her a second time, she admitted that she had smothered the baby. The police report says that when her husband was put in the interview room with her, she 'admitted to him that she pinched Maya's nose, twisted, suffocated and smothered baby Maya.'

During her initial appearance in court, Mr Koistinen told the judge that his wife suffered from bipolar, schizophrenia and depression, something they had tried for years to manage.

In footage shown by ABC 15 news, Bradley Koistinen can be seen choking back tears as he addresses the court.

"She's been mixed up before where she, you know, thinks I'm God or when she's not on her medication, things aren't right and she needs serious mental help," he said.

He added that his wife had been 'the greatest mother to our kids. Never once has hurt any of our kids.'

Nina Koistinen is being held on a secured bond of $1 million until her trial.