14/08/2014 16:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum Posed As 12-Year-Old Daughter To Trap Paedophile On Facebook

Mum posed as 12-year-old daughter to trap paedophile on Facebook

A judge has praised a worried mum who posed as her 12-year-old daughter online to trap a paedophile who was trying to groom her child.

Judge Peter Armstrong praised the mother's detective skills and said it could well have prevented her daughter being abused.

He said: "It seems to me that the prompt and sensible actions of the mother were commendable.

"Her quick thinking was able to bring this defendant to book, and may well have prevented more serious activity."

The mum had to endure filthy postings by Raymond Attwood, from Saltburn, South Yorkshire, on Facebook so she could try to uncover his identity and notify police.

Attwood, 30 – who spent 'his entire life' looking at porn sites and had an obsession with schoolgirls – was jailed for two years for trying to incite a child to engage in sexual activity. He used the name RayAtt on Facebook and groomed the schoolgirl.

The youngster 'defriended' Attwood when his messages became crude but her mother spotted some of them and decided to track down the monster.

During one exchange, Attwood – thinking he was talking to the girl – suggested a series of sexual things he wanted to do. T

The judge described the postings as disgraceful, adding that the earlier messages were 'classic grooming'.

Judge Armstrong told Teeside crown court: "This is yet another case of Facebook being used, or abused, for sexual purposes. The sentence is intended to be a deterrent to anybody who thinks that it is acceptable."

Attwood was also put on the sex offenders' register for life, banned from working with children and had restrictions put on his computer use.

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