Mum Tattooed Her Own 12-Year-Old Daughter. She Insists She Has The Right

A mum has been arrested for tattooing her 12-year-old daughter's arm.

Anna Yates, 29, was hauled in by police following a tip-off that her daughter was bearing the heart-shaped body art.

The mum was then charged with tattooing a person under 18 – but she insists she has the right to tattoo her child.

She told local news: "I feel like it's unfair because that's my daughter. And you know, there's other kids out here with tattoos and piercings and their parents signed for them, they had parental consent.

"I was the parent, I give consent for it, and I give it to my daughter."

The mum, from Rowan County, North Carolina, is expected to appear in court later this month.

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