14/08/2014 12:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum Tells Son To Get 'Text Consent' From Girls Before Having Sex

Shutterstock / Kostenko Maxim

A mum has caused outrage after she revealed how she told her son to get a 'text message of consent' from a girl before they had sex to protect himself from allegations of date-rape.

Columnist Roxanne Jones wrote that she sent her college-age son off with a 'duffel bag full of 300 condoms' and told him to watch out for party girls - 'stupid party girls' to be exact who she calls 'trouble'.

Roxanne said: "It seems nearly every week, we hear news stories about sexual encounters at parties where everyone is drinking,' she writes.

"And a young woman says she was raped, and a young man insists the encounter was consensual."

She added: "And it's a good idea to even follow up any sexual encounter with a tasteful text message saying how you both enjoyed being with one another - even you never plan on hooking up again."

The mother was careful to point out that 'no woman - no matter how much she parties - is asking to be raped' but added: "Too often when heavy drinking is involved, the meaning of consent can be misconstrued on both sides."

Twitter erupted - mainly with outrage - at the piece.

Brooke Baldwin tweeted: "Imagine a guy saying to you - 'Hey, I'll sleep with you, but I need you to TEXT ME consent first'. Hmmm."

Jessica W. Luther wrote: ‏"Reading that piece, I can't help but think that Roxanne Jones does not understand how consent works."