14/08/2014 16:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum Throws Baby Into Arms Of Stranger As Fire Breaks Out

Mum throws baby into arms of stranger as fire breaks out

A young mum was forced to throw her 11-month-old baby out of the window of her flat after fire engulfed the stairwell, trapping her in the building.

Amy Peterson, 19, was shouting for help from the window of her first floor apartment in Newport, Gwent, when a passerby ordered her to drop the little girl into his arms.

As her flat filled with smoke, Amy threw her tiny Faye from the window where the man – who she did not know – caught her and kept her safe.

Firemen arrived at the scene and told Amy to stay in her flat while they put out the fire in the foyer of the building.

Amy told the Mirror that she was 'terrified' that she and little Faye would be burned alive.

"I didn't want to drop her out of the window but I knew it was the only way to get her safe," she said. "I don't know who the man was but he is a hero. I would like to thank him for what he did."

The police believe the blaze was caused by a motorbike being set on fire in the flats' entrance hall.