14/08/2014 12:57 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum Walks Again After Drinking Two Litres Of Protein Milkshakes Every Day


A mum-of-three who was in a wheelchair is walking again now – thanks to drinking two litres of milkshakes a day.

For three years,
Jeanette Elisha-Elliss, 47, battled chronic fatigue, severe weight loss and episodes of complete paralysis.

She spent four months in wheelchair while doctors tried to figure out what was causing her deteriorating health.

At her wits' end, Jeanette did her own research on the internet. She bought a Ph test and discovered that a lack of minerals and amino acids was causing her body to shut down.

She decided that her cure lay in drinking whey protein shakes and so bought a big tub for £20 and mixed herself shakes with water every two hours, day and night. She also drank large amounts of beetroot juice, which is high in nitrates.

Incredibly, after just two days, her spasms of paralysis disappeared and she could walk again in a fortnight.

Jeanette told her local paper: "The hospital and doctors couldn't help me so I had to help myself.

"I was up in the middle of the night drinking beetroot juice and protein shakes. I was pretty much overdosing on various nutrients.

"The science is out there. Patients are criticised for turning to the internet but I felt I had no choice. Doctors missing vital signs of acidity in the body, hormone and neurological disorders."

Jeanette, from Belstead, Suffolk, started to lose muscle control in May, shortly after her wedding to husband Kevin, 51.

Her GP referred her to hospital because she was showing signs of a stroke. But blood, urine and EMG tests all came back blank and doctors were unable to offer a diagnosis.

Jeanette believes she was dismissed as a hypochondriac by hospital staff in Ipswich. She claims the self-prescribed cure has balanced her hormone levels, lowered her blood pressure, stabilised her weight and brought back her short-term memory.

Jeanette's theory is that protein shakes corrected her lack of amino acids and beetroot maintained nitrate levels.

Together they trigger receptors for the nervous system and hormone levels.

She has written a book about her experience, The Eli Diet Theory.