14/08/2014 12:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum Who Lost Her Four Children In Arson Attack Gives Birth To Twins

Mum who lost four children in arson attack gives birth to twins

A mum who lost four of her children in a fire started by a drunken teen has given birth to twins, it has been revealed.

Michelle Smith gave birth to a boy and a girl, who are now aged six months, the local newspaper reports.

She attended every day of the seven-week trial of Dyson Allen, 19, but had kept the new arrivals secret during the court case.

Michelle, 37, lost her four-year-old twins Holly and Ella in the fire and their brothers Jordan, two, and Reece, 19.

Allen, 19, had been given help and accommodation by the Smith family after he had been thrown out of his own home by his mother.

But he turned on them, getting drunk and stoned, before setting a wardrobe on fire at a party in Freckleton, Lancashire, as Michelle celebrated her 36th birthday.

Allen was convicted of four counts of manslaughter yesterday and told he faced 'a substantial prison sentence'.

Michelle, who was best friends with Allen's mother, had taken the 19-year-old into her home in a gesture of kindness after he was forced to walk the streets over Christmas.

Although Reece, 19, tried to save his three siblings all four of the youngsters were killed by the effects of smoke inhalation.

Allen, a mechanic, was convicted after a jury found he held a naked flame to items of clothing hanging in a wardrobe in the children's room.

In a statement issued on the steps of the court yesterday, Michelle said: "We are pleased that DA has been convicted of the manslaughter of our beautiful children, Reece, Holly, Ella and Jordan. We still do not know why our children were taken away from us. Even if we did know the answer it would not bring them back.

"He had every chance to explain his actions to the police and while giving evidence in court. He lied from the very beginning and continued to the every end.

"We would like to pay tribute to Reece. He paid the ultimate price in trying to rescue his brothers and sisters. For that we are eternally grateful and very proud."

Mr Justice Males said a lengthy custodial sentence is 'inevitable' for Allen and adjourned the sentence for the preparation of a psychiatric report.