14/08/2014 16:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Murder-Charge Dad Blamed Pet Dog For Killing Baby Son

Murder-charge dad blamed pet dog for killing baby son

A dad accused of murdering his 11-month-old son blamed his pet dog for causing the child's death, a court heard.

Michael Beaumont, 29, claimed his son, Kadan, was 'flipped over' by Staffordshire terrier Mia before banging his head on the garden steps.

The court heard he sent a photo of his son's injuries to the child's mother, Helen Barnes, 28, while she was at work.

A message with the picture said: "Look at my head mummy. Naughty Mia knocked me down the steps in the garden. I cut my neck as well. Don't worry, daddy chased her round the garden and slapped her."

Kadan died in Sheffield Children's Hospital on September 28, 2011 where doctors found he had two recent fractures of the skull, bleeding in his eyes and on the surface of the brain as well as multiple bruises to his head and face.

The prosecution said the head injuries were caused by Beaumont hours before he called an ambulance.

Earlier in the trial at Sheffield Crown Court,
a witness said the child looked as though he had been beaten up by Mike Tyson.

Sharon Laver said she had called at Beaumont's home after her friend Kay Cunliffe rang her to say she was concerned about the child.

Ms Laver went to the gate at the bottom of Beaumont's garden in Hoyland, Barnsley. She shouted to gain his attention and Beaumont came out holding the child in his arms. She could see Kadan had bruises to his head as well as under his eyes, and that his lip was split.

She said: "It looked as though he had been beaten up by Mike Tyson.

"I told Mikey to get him seen at the hospital. If it were my child I would have taken him to hospital straight away."

However, part-time gardener Beaumont told the court: "I saw Mia bang into him. It was really fast. I just remember Mia hitting the back of him and hitting his head on the step. He landed on the back of his head.

"Kadan went over himself and did a back somersault and landed on his back on the concrete just below the bottom step."

Prosecutor Robert Smith QC said the dog story was untrue and Kadan's death was 'caused by someone striking him or throwing him against some surface shortly before the emergency services were called'.

Beaumont denies murder and causing or allowing the death of a child. Barnes denies allowing the death of a child and cruelty to a person under-16. The trial continues.