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My Apartment: Agathe Chapman

Model Agathe Chapman gave us a guided tour around her breath-taking home just off Brick Lane in East London. Filled with unique treasures her mother Tiphaine de Lussy has sourced and artworks by her father Dinos Chapman, the family home - formerly a derelict string factory - is a museum of discovery yet retains a homely warmth and vitality.

Agathe Chapman Phoebe-Lettice Thomson

How would you describe your interior style and does it reflect the way you dress?
The interior of my bedroom is very girly and pretty, with lots of pink and cute things. Even though it has a playful aesthetic the furnishings are very modern and simple - I really like clean lines. There's a nice contrast of modernist architecture with fun objects to break it up a bit. My interior style does reflect the way I dress in that I wear pretty, simple, generic and tidy clothes. My room is quite colourful and bright in contrast to my wardrobe which consists of mainly dark clothes with the odd bold colour mixed in.

Agathe Chapman Phoebe-Lettice Thomson

Agathe Chapman Phoebe-Lettice Thomson

With incredibly creative parents, have art and fashion profoundly influenced you and the way you decorate?
It's had a huge effect on me, they've made sure I have a good background knowledge of art. My mum's always shown me amazing clothes, taken me to great exhibitions and made sure I have fun with the way I dress, and not to be scared of looking different. Her amazing style has definitely rubbed off on me, and the same goes for my taste in architecture and interiors.

I like quite brutalist, modern architecture and 1970's interiors like my parents' houses represents that so well.

What do you love about living in the Spitalfields area?
I love my area as it's always changing. When I first moved here, age 6, it was completely different. It's definitely evolving with the times yet still keeping it's authentic character. The thing I love most about it is that it's where all my friends and I go out so it's so easy for me to have a good time without trekking too far. I also love how vibrant it is - with so much happening all the time, you can never get bored round here.

Agathe Chapman Phoebe-Lettice Thomson

Agathe Chapman Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

Where do you see yourself living in 10 years and can you describe your dream home?
If I've really done well in life than I see myself living by the beach in some place in the Caribbean. My dream house would have a huge glass window all along it, facing the beach so you could see the sun set and rise every day. It would be very modern with Brazilian wooden floors, concrete walls, and very open plan with high ceilings.

It would have a great big kitchen that opens on to the outdoor for parties and chilling out. It would be very spacious with loads of bedrooms so my friends could come over and stay whenever.

After running around at castings, how do you relax at home?
I get into my dressing gown as I'm a huge fan of loungewear and hate wearing anything uncomfortable at home. Then I make myself a tea and a snack and watch loads of shitty reality TV like Real Housewives of Atlanta just to numb my brain for a bit after all the stress.

Agathe Chapman Phoebe-Lettice Thomson

Agathe Chapman Phoebe-Lettice Thomson

What's the most impressive interior or home you've ever visited?
I can't lie, my favourite interior is probably my parents' house in Kent which is a huge concrete reservoir turned home. It's very harsh and brutal, but warm and cosy at the same time. It's a beautiful house with an incredibly simple yet pure interior.

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