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My Apartment: Ailsa Miller

Ailsa Miller is Senior Fashion Assistant at Tatler, working on the magazine's incredible style spreads which take her to every corner of the globe. So what does her apartment look like? Alice Casely-Hayford takes a peek inside the "happy modern" haven...

Having just returned from trips to Tokyo, New York and Peru to shoot atop Machu Picchu, Tatler Senior Fashion Assistant and contributor, Ailsa Miller, invited us over to explore her north London flat. Decorated with gifts and props she's amassed over the past six years working at the Conde Nast magazine and as a stylist, Ailsa's apartment is every fashion fan's dream.

How would you describe your interior - does it reflect your personality?
To steal a phrase from my favourite interior designer Jonathan Adler - it's "happy modern." I initially thought I wanted a chic grey and white space with clean lines, but gradually realised that isn't me! I gravitate towards chevrons, geometric prints and brightly coloured accents to liven up classic furniture.

My place is crammed full with random old props from shoots and pieces I've picked up through work like Dior snow globes, my John Galliano finger puppet, and my framed 3.1 Phillip Lim comic book.

Apart from the amazing fashion props, where did you get your furnishings?
Most of my furniture came from family and friends. My shoe-case was from our very generous Associate Editor at Tatler, and the chair in my living room has been dragged around since university. My Pottery Barn sleigh bed is on long-term loan from my sister and brother-in-law! I love it so much I'm not sure when they'll see it again. I buy most of my other pieces from American stores like West Elm, and Crate & Barrel.

I grew up in Dallas, Texas, any chance I get I go home and come back loaded up with fun kitchen accessories. I don't think I have a single spatula that isn't in the theme of Halloween, Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving!

You enjoy a good old lifestyle or interiors blog. Is this where you find inspiration?
I'm addicted to the website Apartment Therapy, they have an especially good section on Small Spaces and my flat is tiny! My secret shame is Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple magazines - I think deep down I'm a Midwestern housewife.

Could you describe your dream home?
All I dream of is SPACE! My dream home would be big enough for a golden retriever, several guest bedrooms and a rain-style shower. I'd love to have a bigger kitchen with a dining table, a terrace or a garden, and room for entertaining - that's the only thing I don't love about my flat, it's kind of a one-in, one-out policy at parties...

What are your biggest indulgences?
So far they've definitely been my Kate Moss Supreme poster tracked down on eBay, and my Jonathan Adler peace sign ornament. Most pieces in my apartment were gifts or free, so I'm saving up to replace the chair in my living room and buy matching lamps for my bedside tables.

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson
Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

How do you relax at home?
If you'd asked me a few months ago I'd have said face down on my couch in front of Come Dine with Me, but now you're more likely to find me at Lomax Gym with my trainer Dan Casey - beasting the weights and doing circuits of squat jumps!

Where's the most impressive place you've stayed?
A single trip changed my entire interior style - I really was planning an all grey and white living room until I stayed at the Parker Palm Springs. This is where I discovered Jonathan Adler for the first time, as he designed the hotel.

Everything from the huge light up sign declaring "DRUGS" in the lobby to the pink bicycles around the property just made you feel so happy as a guest.

I decided then and there I wanted an uplifting home with all my favourite pieces around me all the time, even if they don't match. I save and frame fashion week tickets I love, have unflattering funny photos on my fridge, and generally fill my space with things that make me smile.

See Phoebe-Lettice Thompson's full shoot of Ailsa's gorgeous apartment below...

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