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My Apartment: Ella &Amp; Sophie Berman, Founders Of London Loves LA

Founders of London Loves LA, Ella and Sophie Berman, have styled their apartment to be pure Nineties retro meets California. Alice Casely-Hayford couldn't resist exploring...

Worn and adored by Harry Styles, Ellie Goulding, Eliza Doolittle and Haim, London Loves LA is a vintage-inspired brand that's bang on the zeitgeist.

Set up by sisters, Sophie and Ella Berman after they recognised a gap in the UK market for great quality Californian treasures, LLA has become one of the most coveted t-shirt and sweater brands. The girls invited us over to their vintage-meets-Nineties apartment - an LA haven in the heart of Kentish Town.

Having gone to pre-school in LA and making regular trips there each year, has the LA aesthetic influenced your interior style? How would you describe the way you've decorated your place?
Ella: When we go to LA flea markets we want to buy everything but we can't bring it back, so instead we try to get as much inspiration from there as possible and do what we can here.

We'd describe our flat as eccentric country cottage x beach house x Nineties nostalgic haven.

Our parents have always had really eclectic pieces at home, and LOTS of books so I think we've definitely inherited this tendency. We love reading and try to have as many books as possible lying around to pick up and dip into. Predominantly American lit.

What's it like living with your sister and business partner?
Sophie: It's the best!! We have a really consistent vision for our brand so we never disagree over anything major.

We've always lived together except for one year when I was studying in Miami. It's also meant we can create our ultimate dream home without having to compromise for anyone else!

Could you describe your dream future home?
Sophie: One day I want a ridiculous Malibu beach house with driftwood and a nautical theme, and then the next I want an East London townhouse with a huge library and Victorian fireplace. At the moment I would love a cute English country cottage - obviously still with a Nineties LA twist though.

Working from home, how do you get into office mode?
Ella: It threw us at the beginning but we eventually realised that it's really important to have a routine; we force ourselves to get up at an appropriate hour even though we occasionally don't want to! We'll also make sure to either go out for a coffee or take our dog Rocky for a walk before we start anything - it's super important to not just lounge round all day in your pyjamas. I do get VERY addicted to lounge wear in the winter months though - my boyfriend had to wrestle a horrific velour tracksuit out of my hands the other day.

London or LA?
Ella: It's too difficult. We love parts of both - ideally six months of a year in each! London for our best friends and family, our dogs, cosy pubs at Christmas, the best art galleries, amazing street style, concept stores, ice skating, cafe culture, festivals and country walks. LA for beautiful weather, amazing people, Runyon canyon hikes, Reformation, being healthy and feeling calm, THE OCEAN and Rose Bowl flea market.

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