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My Apartment: Ella Catliff, Fashion Blogger And Founder Of La Petite Anglaise

Having just completed her finals at Central Saint Martins, fashion blogger Ella Catliff - who founded La Petite Anglaise - invited us over to check out her West London apartment.

Being a preppy, Peter Pan collar enthusiast, it's no surprise the writer's home mirrors her clean, sleek style with a statement-making spattering of print.

Ella Catliff

When she's not working abroad - the blogger most recently visited Athens with Juicy Couture and Ibiza with Company magazine - Ella writes from her dedicated work space in her stylish home.

How would you describe your interior style? Is there a common theme between your dress sense and interior preferences?
I would probably describe my interiors style as contradictory! I loathe clutter and like things neat but at the same time, I'm a total sucker for print, colour and kitsch. I suppose in that way it's fairly similar to my dress sense.

Ella Catliff

Ella Catliff

You travel frequently for your blog. What's the most impressive interior you've seen?
I've been lucky enough to stay in places with some seriously fabulous interiors. The Georges V in Paris - where I stayed on a trip with Dior a couple of months ago - was stunning. It's recently been refurbished and is very luxurious but in a really cool, art deco way.

I think the most lovely has to be JK Place in Florence where I stayed when Gucci did a bloggers trip in 2011. It's the most exquisitely gorgeous boutique hotel with just 20 rooms arranged around a beautiful courtyard.

Working on La Petite Anglaise mostly from home, how do you get into office mode?
It can be tricky but I actually find it harder to work outside my home office environment. I've never really experienced anything different and I've always been quite a focused person so I just sit down and get on with it. There are, of course, unlimited coffee and cigarette breaks which is a definite perk of working for yourself.

Ella Catliff

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

Conversely, how do you unwind at home?
I'm actually really terrible at unwinding and definitely don't do enough of it! I think that's maybe an occupational hazard if you work for yourself and from home, there's no real cut off point. That said, now and again a stack of magazines and large glass of white wine usually does the trick.

What do you love most about living in West London?
I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I adore the architecture and whenever I can, I wander through Westbourne Grove ogling the houses. I think what I love the most about West London though would have to be the parks and general greenery.

I live right by Brook Green and about 10 minutes' walk from Holland Park which are both gorgeous places to go running or - if it's hot - maybe even have a picnic.

What's your biggest indulgence at home?
Probably the many, many, many clothes, shoes and handbags I keep. If I was very rich my biggest home indulgence would be art, or couture pieces I'd display as works of art.

Ella Catliff

Ella Catliff

Could you describe your dream home?
It's a close call between Notting Hill in London and the West Village in New York. Ultimately though, I don't think I could ever live anywhere other than England permanently.

See Phoebe-Lettice Thompson's full shoot of Ella's gorgeous apartment below.

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