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My Apartment: Emilyne Mondo

How does an actress and model style her home? Brilliantly, reports Alice Casely-Hayford after hanging out in Emilyne Mondo's Dalston apartment

When we popped over to actress Emilyne Mondo's Dalston flat in East London, we found her kitted out in a boldly-printed trouser suit and sky-scraper heels.

Casually having her nails done, she was busy chatting to her fashion PR friend Chinazo at her dining room table while everyone tucked into cupcakes and champagne. Fun, inviting and super stylish not only describes 26-year-old actor Emilyne but her slick apartment too.

How would you describe your place?
My flat is very clean, modern and minimalist. My housemates are architects and really into design so they made the big choices on style and decor. My favourite features are the windows and balcony. I used to be quite messy and always in black, but now there are elements of the flat that are in line with my style.

I'm never minimal, and right now I'm loving bright colours and statement pieces.

How does it differ to places you have lived previously?
I've had some awkward living situations, I moved four times last year! Last summer, I lived in a warehouse space that was huge but the bedrooms didn't have windows. Awful! I also lived in Stoke Newington in North London. Smaller flats that were really cosy but not enough wardrobe space. I never thought I would live in a new build but this flat really works for me. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a gorgeous open space that's perfect for hosting.

Could you describe your dream home?
I want three homes - a holiday one in Italy or Spain, a loft in NYC and a North London home. In London there would be a strong African theme throughout and some brilliant Moroccan rugs, authentic vintage Swedish furniture. The rooms would be bright and airy with large bay windows. I want an epic library with floor to ceiling shelves, a music/jam room with a grand piano, a spacious modern kitchen. I did a play reading in a house that had a small theatre in the back garden. I would build something similar.

The most important element of a home for me is a feeling of calm and creativity. Saying that, if I end up in small warehouse conversion and I have candles burning, a record player, light and love, I'll be OK.

What are your biggest indulgences for the home?
Food! I stock up on fruit from the market and have a high protein diet. I try to always buy fresh fish and there are quite a few health food stores and delis in the area. It all adds up but I think it's worth spending a little bit more to feel good.

How do you unwind at home? After sampling your cupcakes I can safely assume you're a skilled baker!
I've been the most reluctant cook my whole life! But since moving here I've been working on it. Cooking for dinner parties often stresses me out. I love hosting (by hosting I mean pouring the Prosecco, singing and looking fabulous). I sing a lot in this flat, I'm working on a few songs that I'm excited about. I underestimated how happy it would make me being here. I love my apartment.

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