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My Apartment: Hannah Harley Young

Portrait and events photographer, Hannah Harley Young invited us over for a tour of her light and elegantly modern apartment in West London. Personalised with photography, both her own and her fathers, as well as trinkets and ornaments from Ibiza to Jamaica, Hannah's home is an inviting gallery of interesting finds and mementos.

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

How would you describe your interior style?
I like a mishmash of things. I always think I'm quite stunted in my development of preferences for interior styles! I'm quite a clean freak so love big, clean tidy areas.

I'm really into quirky 1940's Art Deco furniture, placed in quite modern surroundings.

I'm constantly having spring cleans and always prefer bits and pieces to be put away than out getting dusty! When I was younger and would go to friends' houses, I had this weird habit of cleaning up their rooms for them!

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

How does your apartment differ to the home you grew up in?
The two couldn't be more different! I grew up in a Victorian house in West London for nearly 24 years and as far as I was concerned that was home and nothing else could come close to it. I now live in a modern build; it's got the wooden flooring, modern fittings, open plan sort of thing. I love that but I'm still not used to it.

I prefer separate rooms for cooking and eating and relaxing. The flat, however, has a lot of space and light.

My mum is really into her interiors and her garden so the family home is very traditional. She aimed and succeeded in building a home not a house. When people come over they feel comfortable. My dad's photography is all over the place. Instead of paintings, we have Kate Moss and Elizabeth Taylor on the walls!

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

When working from home how do you get into work mode?
This is something I'm actually working on at the moment. Being a freelance photographer means my home is my workplace and vice versa. I have a desk in my room with my laptop placed next to my bed - big no no! Ideally I'd love a work station in the lounge where I can work from.

Regardless of what I have going on during the day, I'm up by 8 every morning, straight to the gym, and then home to get on with my day.

Conversely, how do you relax at home?
I find it very easy to unwind too! I started meditating a year ago and it changed my life in terms of always being anxious and stressed. I practice Vedic Meditation twice a day for 20 minutes each time. And most importantly I love cooking. My mum is an incredible cook and I'm determined to match her standards. I love my food and actually find it quite therapeutic cooking and creating some delicious dishes!

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

What has been the most breath-taking interior you've visited?
I've been lucky to visit some incredible places, in particular The Kasbah Tamadot, which is Richard Branson's retreat in the Atlas Mountains in Marrakech. I was flown out there to shoot a birthday. Each room was designed completely differently from the next and the views were mind-blowing. I also love the Borgo Egnazia hotel in Puglia, Italy. The place is set as a fort and the rooms are head to toe marble and stone. Some of the rooms have backdoors that lead you to rooftop where you can literally walk around the top of the entire hotel.

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

Can you describe your dream home?
Ideally I'd love a big, wide space with loads of light pouring in from massive windows. It would be a clean and simple shell that I would add all my (future!) 1940s Art Deco purchases.

I'd love a walk in closet, but I genuinely don't think I have enough clothes for that - is this the first time a woman has admitted that?! I'd also love some outdoor space.

If there's no garden then I'd happily settle for a rooftop and I'd LOVE a room just for my office. Last but not least, it needs to feel like a home, not a house. Somewhere where I'm comfortable living and working from.

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