14/08/2014 12:39 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

My Apartment: Kessiana Edewor-Thorley

Having worked in fashion for many years in various roles - currently as a consultant - Kessiana Edewor-Thorley is now focusing her creative talents on interiors.

Fittingly, the aspiring interior designer invited us over to her South West London home - the perfect showcase for her future creations.

Kessiana Edewor-Thorley

How would you describe your interior style?
I grew up with a lot of French influence and that always creeps into my interior styling whether I like it or not. My mother gave me two French vintage chairs so I used them as the starting point and worked out from there. I do this with shoes... Work from the feet up and it pushes the direction of how I'll dress for the day.

I love vintage French furniture and chandeliers - there's always room for a chandelier! I'd have one in my mini bathroom if I could.

You split your time between Lagos and London. Has Nigerian style influenced the way you've decorated?
The main influence on my style is my mother so I guess Nigeria has influenced my decor as she's Nigerian. I always love a bit of gold. I have a lot of paintings framed in gold. I think in decorating, whatever your budget, there should always be a sense of luxury. Whether it's lovely sheets or a cosy blanket on your sofa, it's the small touches that matter.

Kessiana Edewor-Thorley

Kessiana Edewor-Thorley

Art adorns both the floors and walls in your flat. Is art an essential for you?
Our house was always filled with paintings and sculptures. Today half our walls have pieces hanging and there's always paintings leaning against walls up and down corridors. My mother curates art in Lagos so I've always been surrounded by it. I took art right up to A-Level so it's ingrained in me. When you study art, I think it makes you appreciate techniques and art pieces all the more.

Kessiana Edewor-Thorley

Does your interior style reflect your dress sense?
I would love to have an interior space which is similar to my dress sense in the future - I wear very muted tones (greige, beige, white, black) and everything is tone on tone. In the summer it's a different story, the brighter the better!

I always come back to the basics. White Tee. Denim. Clean.

Where's the most impressive home or interior you've visited in the world?
As my mother is an interior designer it would be criminal to not include her. If I wasn't her daughter, I'd still think it was impressive. Our family house in Lagos is stunning - it's constantly evolving as my Mum feels the need to have a change every couple of years. It's a mixture of modern, African contemporary and traditional. Similar to my flat there's art everywhere, sculptures in the garden, paintings - a mix of African artists and western.

Kessiana Edewor-Thorley

Kessiana Edewor-Thorley

Where do you see yourself living in 10 years?
I would love to live by the sea, in a crumbling manor, like something out of Alfonso Cuaron's Great Expectactions. Everything inside would be stunning though and probably all white. That would be my ideal. Realistically, I'll probably be in Lagos!

You travel constantly with work. How do you relax at home?
I love movies. Big blanket, slob out on the sofa in pyjamas, cashmere socks and popcorn. I could "lay like broccoli" all day and watch films back to back. When you become so busy you realise that doing nothing is a luxury.

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