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My Apartment: Lily Robinson

Having recently returned from a stint in LA, actress Lily Robinson welcomed us over for a look around her beautifully light and airy south-west London home and gorgeous garden. Decorated with artwork by her family, cherished heirlooms and trinkets and fabrics brought back from LA, Lily's house is the perfect marriage between modern and vintage; simple yet stylish.

How would you describe your interior style?
It's eclectic, a mix of vintage and new. I need light to survive so the rooms are white and breezy. Simple but cosy.


How does your place now differ from the home you grew up in, in the country?
I grew up in a Welsh farmhouse, under the Black Mountains. It was stuffed with various animals, dog beds, muddy boots and saddles! The house was a romantic building, rambling with a kind of ancient magic about it. When I was a kid my parents had a duck living in the kitchen, we used to take it on holiday. I had a pretty eccentric upbringing, literally the total antithesis of my London life and clean, modern flat.


Has the LA aesthetic influenced your style?
I love old American style, especially from the 50's, my apartment is full of pieces collected from thrift stores.

What did you love about living out there?
Aside from the fabulous people, I think the wonder of LA is the outdoor lifestyle - hiking with your dog, the beach, sunshine and most importantly great opportunity for horse riding. Also there are cosmic places like Joshua Tree on your doorstep. It's extraordinary.

What do you love about your area?
It's relatively green, I'm not a fan of too much concrete. In fact the main attraction was my garden. I can't function unless I have a little square of nature. I follow the trees.


How do you unwind at home?
I'm obsessed by conservation; I work on helping the environment. I find that kind of focus relaxing.

Could you describe your dream home?
That's easy! A self-sufficient, rural eco farm. There would be space to keep unwanted animals and horses. Maybe I'd live in a tree house. Oh and if I'm really going for it, as it's a dream and all, I'll have the ocean in my back yard.

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