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My Apartment: Loren Miles

With a colourful client list including presenter Becca Dudley, model Portia Freeman and singer Nina Nesbitt, Bleach London's Loren Miles is the go-to hair stylist for London's coolest, fun and experimental gals. On her day off from transforming locks into rainbow colours and awesome styles, Loren invited us over to Muswell Hill for a tour of her vintagey, arts and crafts filled abode which reflects the hair wizard's inspired creativity.


Is there a close link between your dress sense and interior style?
I think my room is an extension of my appearance. A few lazy purchases from high street shops, but mainly just a thrown-together collection of things I like from here, there and everywhere. Well presented (most of the time), clean and functional, flowery whilst sadly still a little teen and grungy in places, sometimes just a bit weird.

Where do you like to shop for furnishings and decor?
I love shopping at car boot sales, and markets, but I always keep an eye out for small beautiful and interesting objects, especially locally. We're surrounded here with lots of great charity shops, and little boutiques full of the weird and wonderful.


How do you unwind after work at home?
Usually I cook as soon as I get in, because we tend to finish work quite late. I'm into healthy eating at the moment and a recent vegetarian so I'm really enjoying researching new recipes. Also because this building is so old the water pressure here is rubbish, so through default I am now a bath person and I'm trying to make a thing of it by lighting candles and listening to music.

Do you experiment with your own hair or friends' hair at home?
My friends tend to visit me at either the Dalston or Topshop salon, but I experiment at home on my own hair all the time. Braiding, curling, crimping, colouring... It's important for a stylist to keep up to date with new styles and techniques, and there are a great deal of very inspirational people online who are willing to share. YouTube is amazing for tutorials. I also spend my own time using Pinterest to create mood boards of techniques that I'd like to try out or to gather colour ideas for an upcoming client. Whenever we have a new styling product or fun colour it's important that we know first-hand the results it gives so I'll always try and test these on my own hair at home, or if I'm not suitable the hair of one of my poor flat mates.


What do you love about living in your area?
I love north London, I always have. I'm pretty sure it's because it feels very similar to where I grew up, in Bucks. It's well connected to central and east, but is far enough out to feel like I'm in a quiet little village a lot of the time. We're surrounded here by great places to spend time outdoors; Alexandra palace, Hampstead Heath. Definitely the pubs and the parks.

Could you describe your dream home?
My ideal home would be very similar to some of the more expensive houses around here. An Edwardian/ Victorian building with character. A cute front porch and white wooden balconies, high ceilings, original windows. Airy and light during the day and a little creepy at night. All my colour schemes would be based on Wes Anderson movies, and I'd have a big space for a kitted out arts and crafts room because I love making things.

Where do you see yourself living in five years' time?
That's a tough one, because I'm actually very excited by the idea that I don't have a clue. I know that I'd love to do some serious travelling, perhaps live abroad for a year or two and the dream would be that it was work related. So let's say in a foreign, busy city doing fun hair for fun people.

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