14/08/2014 12:36 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

My Trainers Timeline

Trainers are just about the coolest thing you can wear right now - unfortunate, as trainers and I have had an uneasy relationship.

It started out good, then got a bit fraught and now has evened out to me obsessing over them ever since I saw Susie Lau working the best kicks you've ever seen at Emilia Wickstead during London Fashion Week.

There are so many amazing designs and collaborations happening (Nike x Liberty, Puma x McQueen...) it's hard to decide which trainers are the right ones for me. To get the point of decision I've decided to go through my trainers timeline. Where did I get it right and where did I get it really wrong? It's been quite a journey from Air Max...

Fake Nike Air Max (1995)
The. Worst. Trainers. EVER. Kudos at my primary school was measured entirely on the trainers you wore. Like a profile picture on Tinder, they said all one needed to know before passing judgement. But annoyingly, no amount of well-constructed argument could convince my mum I needed Nike Air Max more than she needed to pay the gas bill. So instead of Nike Air Max, I got fake Nike Air Max. Thinking about it still makes me feel hideous.

Real Nike Air Max (1996)
I got a job! I bought the real ones! It was amazing. For like a month. Then I realised, actually I'm not a trainers and tracksuit type of girl. That level of comfort just didn't sit easy with me.

Sergio Tacchini plimsolls (1998)
Britpop happened which meant trainers without air bubbles were completely acceptable, hurrah! I got my hair cut like Natalie Imbruglia circa Torn and bought a blue Sergio Tacchinis. I still think this was my best look ever.

New Balance classics (2000)
These ones were my "going out" trainers. Perfect for that I'm-so-not-underage-see-how-casual-I-am? facade when I was 16 and trying to get served in pubs. Worn with jeans, a low cut top, lots of black eyeliner and some kind of hair clip, I thought I was beyond hot. However, pictorial evidence suggests the contrary.

Reebok Classics (2001)
My obsessed-with-the-gym period. God, that was hard work. But, I tell you what, Reebok Classics survive daily two-hour workouts commendably well for a very long time.

Converse (2003)
I was dating a skater boy/stoner despite being a massive square. I thought we'd look less like polar opposites if I wore Converse and a beanie. We later split up and it took me seven months to realise my sister stole the trainers.

Puma (2005)
My moving to London trainers. Puma felt cool, less obvious than Adidas and one of my friends said they were quite "Shoreditchy". It makes sense I suppose that they were nicked from my bag at some point during a big one on Brick Lane. To an extent, I'm still in mourning.

Nothing (2006-2012)
I got into heels, loafers, brogues, ballet pumps - there was no room for trainers too. It was a cold-footed, sore-heeled time.

Now (2013)
Me and trainers are back on! I want like, nine pairs. Like your best mate from uni when you don't see them for ages, I forgot how brilliant trainers are. Let the comfy yet stylish good times roll...