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My Vintage Wardrobe: Alice Levine

A Radio 1 presenter with seriously good taste, Alice Levine's vintage wardrobe is pretty much perfect. Jen Barton has a peek inside and gets shopping tips from the woman herself...

Alice Levine is a woman who needs no introduction. Neither does her amazing, vintage-dominated style. Think Breton tops with retro high-waist skirts, Peter Pan-collared ditsy tea dresses, cosy wool jumpers, patterned scarves and a Sixties-era beauty look. The result? Effortless style with a modern finish.

We caught up with Alice at one of her favourite vintage haunts, Scarlet Rage Vintage in North London, to sneak a peek at some of her favourite vintage wardrobe pieces. We also quizzed the BBC Radio 1 presenter on everything she knows when it comes to fashion and vintage shopping (which is A LOT). Are you taking notes?

Tell us a bit about your style.
I dress a bit like an evacuee - wool jumpers, little blouses and shirts and thick tights. I'm very suited to autumn/winter dressing - as soon as it gets sunny I get really confused about what to put on. I love coats and capes and boots - wrapping up warm and layering is my thing.

What sparked your interest in vintage fashion?
Was there a specific person that got you hooked? I initially got into vintage clothes through my mum, who had saved loads of treasures from when she was younger - amazing silk scarves, vintage jewellery and incredible shoes. We charity shop together when I go back home because she has such an amazing eye and she's also an incredible seamstress so can alter anything that isn't quite right.

Sarah Lucy Brown

Where are your favourite places to source vintage items?
I love the chase of vintage, finding a diamond in the rough, which is why I gravitate towards jumble sales and charity shops. You really feel you've unearthed a treasure when you discover a great piece.

Sarah Lucy Brown

What are some of your tips for styling vintage outfits?
I think the golden rule is - TRY EVERYTHING ON. It's not like high street shopping. Sizes and proportions were really different era to era so you don't know anything until you give it a whirl. Mix new with old - I love a high street breton top teamed with a vintage skirt, or just adding a vintage scarf can give a look a unique twist.

Sarah Lucy Brown

What are some of your top tips for scouring the best vintage pieces?
I don't think you can necessarily go looking for something specific when vintage shopping, I always think you discover the best finds when you've got an open mind. If you go with a shopping list you may well end up disappointed.

How does your on-screen style differ from your everyday style? Does it influence your day-to-day style?
I'd say I'm much more dressy on TV. I wear more dresses and make more of an effort with my hair, styling in an up-do often. When I'm not working, I love jumpers and cardigans and my wardrobe is full of blouses. They're just easy.

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For more Alice, don't miss her recent guest appearance on BBC2's Never Mind the Buzzcocks and check out her comedy writing in action on her YouTube channel. She's also on BBC Radio 1 every Monday-Thursday with co-presenter Phil Taggart from 10pm-12am.

Make-up for this shoot by Caroline Piasecki.

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